Eco-Friendly Kayaking: How to Experience Bioluminescence Without Harming The Environment

The bioluminescence in Florida is one of those jaw-dropping wonders we all want to see up close. Based on this, with global wildlife populations plummeting by nearly 70% in the last few decades, we need to be much more careful not to harm it.

At Florida-Adventurer, we are on a mission to help you experience this magic, but in a way that’s kind to the environment. From the gear we use to the knowledge we share, our goal is simple: let you enjoy the glow without dimming its future.

If you have recently booked a bioluminescent kayaking tour in Florida, follow these tips and treat the glowing waters with the same respect you’d want in your own backyard.

Mind Your Paddle

It’s easy to get lost in the mesmerizing glow and forget about the world beneath your kayak. But remember, every stroke matters. Avoid digging your paddle too deep or stirring the water aggressively. This will protect the delicate marine life and keep the bioluminescence from getting disturbed.

Stick to the Path

At Florida-Adventurer, our guides have mapped out the best routes through the Indian River Lagoon and Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge. These paths are designed to minimize disruption to sensitive habitats. So, even if you spot an enticing glow down an uncharted path, resist the urge and stick to the guide’s route.

Use Eco-Friendly Gear

Before you even hit the water, your equipment choices can make a difference. We provide eco-conscious gear (raft, paddles, and personal flotation devices), but if you are bringing your own, make sure it’s clean and free from foreign contaminants. Water gear can sometimes carry tiny organisms or residues from other waters. By cleaning it beforehand, you will help protect the local ecosystem from invasive species.

Observe Quietly

While it’s tempting to reach out and touch the glowing waters, it’s best to observe silently. The organisms causing the bioluminescence, like dinoflagellates, are highly sensitive. Too much disturbance in the form of excessive touching or splashing can stress them out, which can dim their glow.

Leave No Trace

This age-old outdoor principle applies perfectly here. It simply means you take out everything you bring in. Accidentally dropping snack wrappers or empty water bottles may seem like small oversights but they add up. The plastic wrappers could end up being a hazard for a curious turtle or bird; the bottle could break down over time and release harmful chemicals into the water. Plus, nobody wants to paddle through a littered lagoon!

So, do the environment and your fellow outdoor enthusiasts a favor: double-check your surroundings before heading home.

Florida-Adventurer’s Kayaking Tours are Perfect for Family Members of All Ages

Get ready to embark on an aquatic escapade with Florida-Adventurer’s mesmerizing kayaking odysseys with your family! Our tours aren’t just journeys; they’re joyful reunions for the whole family. From sprightly 5-year-old adventurers to wise grandparents, we cater to every generation, creating memories that ripple through time.

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But wait, there’s more! Our guides aren’t just experts; they’re wizards of the waterways. With their seasoned expertise and a sprinkle of magic, they ensure your family’s safety and sprinkle stardust of joy on every paddle. So, rest assured, as you weave through the liquid tapestry, every laugh, every gasp, every wide-eyed marvel will be etched in your family’s storybook forever.

So there you have it, an aquatic fiesta for all ages – where giggles echo off the water’s surface and memories are woven with each stroke of the paddle. Let your family’s adventure be guided by us, as you soak in the wonders that Florida-Adventurer has to offer.

Paddle with Care: Book Your Guided Kayaking Tour Today

If you are looking to go rafting this summer, let our team at Florida-Adventurer take you on an unforgettable getaway. We are an eco-tour company committed to reducing our carbon footprint and minimizing our impact on the marine wildlife. For this reason, we only offer intimate small-group tours so you can enjoy the best experience possible without overcrowding or noise pollution.

There are a limited number of tours available per night so as to not overexpose the bioluminescent plankton and reduce their ability to glow. With such a curated experience on offer, why wait? Explore our range of tours and secure your spot today.