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Florida is a beautiful state where you can experience wildlife and wilderness up-close-and-personal. From bioluminescence shores at night to alligator spotting on kayak trips, there are endless amounts of wilderness adventure opportunities that are bucket list-worthy. There is truly no place like Florida and experiencing these beautiful features of our world is a great way to see life.

Since Florida is so abundant with beautiful waters and amazing wildlife, there are countless kayaking tours available here. You also have many choices when choosing to do kayaking. You can do a night kayaking tour where you can see bioluminescent fish and algae in the ocean. These creatures glow an amazing neon blue color that just lights up the ocean and is quite the sight to see. You also have the option to do daytime kayaking trips where you can glide through the sea, rivers, lakes, swamps, or marshes. There are tons of wildlife around during these tours, making it an amazing experience for the entire family. Since this is Florida, the most abundant animals you can expect to spot during these kayak trips are alligators. Seeing these predators in their natural habitat is a really cool way to immerse yourself in nature.

In Tampa, Florida there are tons of special family adventure opportunities where you can expect fun for every member of your family. However, many of the water tours and experiences do have a required age minimum of 5 years old. Families can partake in the tours I mentioned above, as well as wicked dolphin and manatee spotting tours. Here at Florida-Adventurer, we also host special comb-jelly tours where families can kayak out in the ocean and spot bioluminescent sea creatures. Not only can you spot them, but we also supply you with a net and jar in order for you to capture your own harmless comb-jelly. If you want to really see the sea from a different view, you also have the option of partaking in clear kayaking where you kayak in a clear boat. The clear boat allows you to see the most amazing sea life right underneath your feet! You can spot things like dolphins, manatees, stingrays, crabs, comb jellies, other fish, and perhaps bioluminescent animals if you go at night. It is truly a unique experience. We also feature sunset kayaking where you can experience the beautiful Florida sunset while kayaking through the beautiful deep, blue sea. No matter what you want to see, we here at Florida-Adventurer can give you the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in nature and see some of the most majestic wild animals that Florida has to offer.

With all of this being said, these tours are an incredible way to experience wildlife with your family and friends. These tours allow for quality time to be spent while partaking in Florida’s beautiful nature. Kayaking through these areas can expose you to animals that you may never have seen before and give you the opportunity to check some things off of your bucket list! There is truly no better way to experience Florida than in the water where the magic happens.