Fun Tours To Do After Covid-19 | Sunset Kayaking in Florida

sunset kayak adventure

It is no secret that this pandemic has thrown us all for quite a loop. COVID-19 has impacted our daily routines, from business to pleasure, and has prohibited many of us from partaking in different experiences and opportunities. As we phase out of this era, getting back outside and connecting with nature can positively benefit you and your wellbeing.

Sunset kayaking in particular can be a very relaxing, calming experience. Watching the sunset from afar is always beautiful and laying itself can be a very grounding experience. Mix them both together and you get a breathtaking experience that will allow for both your body and mind to be calm and peaceful. Seeing the sunset on a kayak can be quite emotional. As this pandemic has pressed on, much of our day to day lives have changed and since only created more uncertainty for the future. Many of us have endured increased stress and anxiety around this pandemic and what it has in store for us in the future, and it can be a great release to go out and see the sunset up-close, floating on the beautiful Florida oceans. This can be an opportunity to finally find some peace and relaxation in the midst of chaos.

Booking a lovely sunset kayaking experience can also improve your chances of seeing Dolphins and Manatees in their natural habitat! In particular locations and during certain times of the year, you can see upwards of 300+ Manatees and/or Dolphins swimming about in the ocean. This kind of experience is a once in a lifetime experience and can truly put things in perspective. It is known that connecting with nature, seeing beautiful landscapes, and seeing animals up-close can positively impact your mental state and wellbeing. Seeing just how amazing wildlife is can really put life into perspective and give you a greater appreciation for the small treasures of life.

Experiencing nature at night time is also a great hidden pleasure. Once the sun goes down, there are different wildlife present, both on dry land and in the water, that you can see up-close. During certain times of the year, when you kayak during the sunset, you can kayak in bioluminescent waters. This means that bioluminescent sea life and algae allow for the ocean water to glow neon blue when it’s touched. It is a magical experience that you can check off your bucket list!

When you’re seeking a great, reliable, high-quality kayaking tour, allow us here at Florida Adventurer to assist you and your water excursion needs! With various different types of kayaking excursions available, we have something for everyone in the family! From sunset kayaking to bioluminescent kayaking to Manatee and Dolphin spotting kayaking excursions, anyone 5 years and older can create a wonderful memory! If you have any questions about excursions or want to schedule a kayaking trip to shed the stress of COVID-19, visit our website or give us a call at (321) 203-0700.