Why Go To Titusville Florida For Bioluminescent Kayaking?

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Why Go To Titusville Florida For Bioluminescent Kayaking?

Let’s get one thing out of the way – we love Disney World. We truly do. But do we think that visiting the Walt Disney World is the only way to make wonderful memories in Titusville, Florida?

Absolutely not. Disney World is artificial and you can visit Disney World or Disney Land in various parts of the world. What we have to offer is truly unique.

Full disclosure: we may be a bit biased.

But do us a favor and just Google bioluminescence. As you’ll realize that you can actually go to Titusville Florida for bioluminescent kayaking, you’ll know that Mickey Mouse’s Homeland is not the only place to see some magic in Florida.

Bioluminescence is the amazing phenomenon that only occurs in 6 places on this planet, and we Floridians are lucky enough to have it right in our backyard on Space Coast (Titusville). When a marine organism produces its own light due to a chemical reaction, the resulting glow is known as bioluminescence.

It not makes the organisms glow but also illuminates everything that comes in contact with them – water, sea grass, and other marine creatures like mullets and manatees.

And when kayakers enter these water, their paddle boards and their hands skimming along the water also get illuminated.

If you want to experience this Mother Nature’s light show up close and personal, book a Titusville Florida bioluminescent kayaking tour with Florida-Adventurer. We also offer clear/transparent kayak tours so you can see everything glimmer right beneath you and all around you!

And hey, if you still want to go to Disney World, it’s only 45 minutes away from the bioluminescent kayaking site in Titusville.

When is the best time to go to Titusville Florida for bioluminescent kayaking?

The darker the sky and the night, the better the glowing effect of bioluminescence. So look at a lunar calendar to make sure you visit 5-6 days after or before a full moon. Generally speaking, the moon should be darker than 55% for you to be able to truly enjoy the phenomenon.

If you go during the months of May to October, you’ll have the pleasure of observing bioluminescence created by dinoflagellates – a marine plankton that dates back to millions of years ago.

And if you go during the months of late October through April, you’ll see thousands of glowing comb jellies that make home in the Indian River Lagoon.

So essentially, you can go anytime of the year and still see the bioluminescence as long as it’s a dark night.

The Titusville Florida bioluminescent kayaking tours take place in the Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge. In addition to bioluminescent creatures, this area is also home to porpoises, manatees, and dolphins.

And whether you are a kayaking pro or a thrill-seeker, we suggest booking a clear kayaking tour to get the most out of your tour.

A clear or transparent kayak will allow you to see everything in incredible detail; from darting schools of mullet to gently gliding manatees right under your seat. Clear kayaks also make the entire experience much more immersive since you’ll feel like you’re floating across the shimmering water.

So are you ready to feel the water beneath you light up like a sea of blue-green fire? Book your Titusville Florida bioluminescent kayaking tour today!