Why Everyone Should Experience Night Kayaking Atleast Once

Picture this: the stars are sparkling above you as you slowly sail across the “milky sea”, with no splashing crowds of tourists. It’s just you and a small intimate group sharing in nature’s beauty while marine life like algae or jellyfish perform a light show for you.

Bioluminescence Makes the Experience Truly Magical

Kayaking at night can be thrilling on its own but you throw bioluminescence in the mix, and things become particularly magical. Paddling out on the Florida waters after the sun goes down is the only way to see dinoflagellates – tiny, glowing plankton – in the Sunshine State.

When dinoflagellates are disturbed by motion around them, they emit a green-blue glow. This is why kayaking is the best way to witness this marvel – when the hull of your kayak cuts through the water or you plunge your paddle into the sea, these microorganisms sense the motion and fill the surrounding water with an other-worldly glow.

Ask any paddler who’s ever joined us for these night-time tours, and they will all tell you the same thing: it’s an unforgettable experience that will leave even the most hardened travelers filled with wonder.

Expert Tip: Try to schedule your trip on a dark night when the moon is not or least visible because the light of the moon reflects on the water and could make the bioluminescent glow less vibrant. Moreover, if your tour falls on a night when the moon is full, it can still be a golden experience. Our guides know where to take you so you can still see the glow.

See the “Milky Sea” Phenomenon With Us in Titusville and Cocoa Beach

July and August are the best time to see dinoflagellates glow, which creates the ethereal phenomenon known as bioluminescence or “milky sea”. Here at Florida-Adventurer, we launch kayaking tours from two popular locations: Titusville and Cocoa Beach, both located about an hour drive from Orlando.

If you want to see dolphins and manatees swimming through the night water blanketed with the iridescent plankton, book your night kayaking tour before summer is over. The Indian River Lagoon area is not only rich in glowing seas, it’s also home to a wide range of marine creatures. Our team takes significant care to leave minimal impact on this biodiversity and ecosystem, which is why we are the only eco-tour company in Florida that takes smallest group of people on one trip. We just don’t do crowds.

Take a tandem kayak or clear kayak with Florida-Adventurer to see shimmering dinoflagellates or glowing comb jellies this summer. We run these tours every night of the year. Click here to book your spot online or give us a call at 321-203-0700 if you have any questions.