Expectations for Clear Kayaking at Night | Florida Adventurer

clear kayaking at night in FL

When participating in the cool water excursion that is clear kayaking, you can expect to see nature from an entirely new perspective. As you glide across gorgeous Florida waters and gaze upon amazing sights, you can truly take in nature and appreciate it for what it is.

When clear kayaking at night, you may want to inquire about bioluminescent tours. During bioluminescent tours, you can expect to see the ocean light up neon blue as waves crash or splashes are made. During this chemical process that is bioluminescence, many of the sea creatures that live in the ocean are able to glow. As a result, when the ocean water is obstructed, the water glows neon blue. It is quite a sight to see.

Another great perk about touring gorgeous Florida waters at night is that it is a great opportunity to spark some romance. The sceneries in Florida at sunset and at night are truly gorgeous and serves as a great, romantic experience for both you and your partner. This is also the perfect opportunity to bond with your partner, and take some special time to yourselves to be at one with each other and one with nature. It truly is a once in a lifetime experience, especially if you get the chance to experience bioluminescent waves as you kayak.

Not only can you and your partner partake in this super fun activity, but it’s also an awesome activity to do with the entire family! This excursion is super family-friendly and proves to be a great way to bond with each other and get to share an experience as a family. You get the chance to break away from the shores, turn off your phones, and be really present with your loved ones. Any family member that is 5 and up can join on this fun excursion and have the opportunity to hang out, have fun, and enjoy this time together.

There is truly no better way to see Florida than a night excursion in a clear kayak. You will see nature like never before, and connect with it in a new way. It is no secret that studies have shown that time spent in nature can help with depression, anxiety, and overall sadness. Get outside, grab your family or friends, and lift your spirits in a new and exciting way.