Unique Things To Do in Tampa FL | Bioluminescent Tours

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Florida is one of the coolest places to vacation to, due to the connection with wildlife and scenery. When contemplating a trip to Tampa, Florida, here are some unique, cool, and majorly fun things to do.

1. Bioluminescent Tours

During the warmer months out of the year, areas in Florida can experience some of the coolest oceanic interactions on the planet. Bioluminescent animals begin to light up the ocean near the shallow beach, as well as sporadically throughout the ocean. These animals light up the sea with neon blue algae that you can see from the ocean’s surface, revealing the most beautiful, ethereal, and breathtaking views. During bioluminescent tours, you can hop in a kayak and float along the water admiring this bucket-list entry. These tours can last about 90 minutes and are very cost-efficient for an eco-tour of this magnificence. This type of experience is unforgettable and can give you a broader appreciation for the sea creatures that light up the dark sea.

2. Kayak Manatee Adventures

If you’re looking for a daytime eco-adventure for the whole family that exposes you to larger sea creatures, this tour is for you. About 80% of the season here in Florida, manatee are mating. This allows for high populations of manatee to be visible from the kayak. There are prime locations within the oceans of Florida where upwards of 200+ manatee are visible at a single time, allowing for the optimal vision of these majestic creatures. Like the Bioluminescent tour, these tours usually last for 90 minutes and are cost-effective for a substantial amount of time among these manatees. Alongside these manatee, dolphins can also be spotted which is an added bonus!

3. Comb-Jelly Tour

Comb-jelly, also known as Ctenophora, is one of the earth’s oldest lifeforms. These jellyfish don’t sting and don’t have a defense mechanism to protect themselves. Comb-jellies bioluminescent lights are used to scare away predators in the dark sea. During the tour, you will “park” your kayak and hover over the comb-jellies and you are allowed to catch them! Tour guides will supply you with a net and a jar for you to take home your very own comb-jelly if you’d like. You can experience this once in a lifetime encounter with these comb-jellies with the beautiful night sky as a companion and the sounds of nature all around. This experience is 90 minutes, as well, and $50 bucks a person, making it optimal for family-fun.

4. Haulover Canal Tours

During hauler canal tours, you can experience kayaking within the Haulover canal, which connects to both the Indian River and the Mosquito Lagoon. In this area, there is a Manatee Observation deck where manatees can be seen year-round! You can also take kayaking trips to this area to witness more bioluminescent creatures!

Florida is an area enriched with beautiful sea creatures and wonderful weather. Take full advantage of these experiences because they are truly bucket list-worthy. From bioluminescent tiny creatures to large, majestic manatee there is something for everyone!