Appreciating Dolphins – Guidelines on how to protect them | Florida Adventurer

jumping dolphins

Upon visiting Florida and attempting to partake in a dolphin tour excursion, there are some simple things that you should know. It is no secret that dolphins are some of the cutest, friendliest, and most social sea creatures in the ocean. Although that may be true, it is important to understand that these animals are still wild animals and need to be treated with respect. Before embarking on your next dolphin excursion, here are some guidelines on how to appreciate the presence of dolphins, without touching them or inviting danger.

Here are some basic rules to follow:

– When in a boat, do not try to entrap or circle around a group of wild dolphins, this may traumatize these beautiful animals and cause them stress.

– Do not force interaction with a dolphin, they do not like that.

– Admire from a distance.

– Move or swim away from a dolphin who is acting disturbed.

– Remain as quiet as possible, as many loud noises can startle them.

– Do NOT touch wild dolphins, even if they are close enough to touch.

As mentioned above, it is important to not touch wild dolphins. Not only can it be agitating for the individual dolphin, as they may not want to be touched or are uncomfortable with you touching them, but it also irritates the other dolphins in the group. Studies have shown that if you try to touch one dolphin, all of the dolphins will leave the area. This can not only be negative for your excursion, as all of the dolphins are fleeing from your site, but it also proves negative for the animals. Touching a dolphin can cause an adverse reaction from the dolphin, altering their behavior, and suddenly becoming uncomfortable or agitated. Overall, do not touch the animals. When the dolphins swim away, the other people in your excursion group may come annoyed with you, as they lose their ability to swim with these animals. To be safe rather than sorry, it is best to keep your distance and not touch the dolphins during your excursion.

Another point that should be emphasized is that you can not feed the dolphins. Although it may seem tempting to feed these really cool animals who are very close to you, please do not feed them. Dolphins are very intelligent creatures, but it is important to respect them and their boundaries. If you feed a wild dolphin, you may cause them to think they need to depend on humans to feed them. As a result, you may end up killing the dolphin, as this dependency can lead to starvation or fatal injury. Human food is also not optimal for sea creatures such as dolphins, so providing them with human food could potentially harm them. The worst part is, that you won’t be able to see the consequences of your actions because the dolphins will simply get sick and die. It is pertinent for their health that you act responsibly during your dolphin tour.

As quickly mentioned before, it is important to not circle around a group of dolphins or entrap them in any way. This is a form of harassment and can make the dolphins feel very uncomfortable and stressed. Likewise, it is important to not harass the dolphins by making loud noises, attempting to call them over to you, or disturbing them in any way. Do not try to forcibly touch them or attempt to get their attention. Again, these are wild animals and you are in their habitat. Not only is it important for their safety to practice kindness towards these animals, but it is also respectful to prioritize them within their own habitat.