Bioluminescent Kayaking Tours in Florida

night kayak

Mosquito Lagoon

Mosquito Lagoon is very popular for its inhabiting dolphins, manatees, a wide variety of fish, and lovely birds. People from all over the world come to Mosquito Lagoon for its well-known nature tours. And of course, the cherry on top is the bioluminescent jellies and plankton (depending on the month).

Indian River Lagoon

This beautiful lagoon was created by the flow from two rivers – the Indian River and the Banana River. Many Floridians refer to this lagoon as the “bio bay” of Florida. It’s an awesome experience to get away from the mess in the big city and all the fake news that’s put out.

During the warmer months of the year, the Indian River Lagoon gets covered with the glow of bioluminescent marine plankton. And comb jellies inhabit the lagoon during the colder months. So, regardless of what time of the year you choose to go night kayaking in Florida, you’re bound to see some degree of bioluminescence.

Ready to Go Night Kayaking?

As you can see, bioluminescent kayaking at night is a breathtaking and enchanting experience, and it is a must-add to your bucket list!

Have you decided whether you want to experience this phenomenon in the summer months or the winter? For more information, give us a call at 321-735-9400 or check out our website.