What is Bioluminescence? Where do I see Bioluminescence?

night kayaking

Ever heard of bioluminescent night kayaking? If you’ve never gone bioluminescent kayaking before, you should definitely put this awesome adventure on your bucket list!

Just picture this: a stunning, clear, warm summer night in Florida. You and your loved ones are on the adventure of a lifetime, floating in a kayak in a tranquil lagoon. Each time your paddle hits the water, something magical happens. What is it?

It’s bioluminescent plankton. Something that’s simply hard to put into words.

What is Bioluminescence?

When you first see the phenomenon, it seems nothing short of a miracle of nature. And actually, it is a miracle of science.

Bioluminescence is the chemical reaction that occurs within tiny living organisms, and it manifests in the form of light. When these tiny organisms – dinoflagellates or plankton – rearrange their molecules, they produce a chemical “luciferin”. This chemical produces the light. In the lagoons of Florida, two organisms are responsible for bioluminescent sightings throughout the year. First is the marine plankton or dinoflagellates which are sometimes referred to as “sea sparkle”.

The second one is comb jellyfish which have been around for over 500 million years! Whenever they are disturbed by any sort of movement, they emit a blue-green glow which can be seen in the dark.

When to Go Bioluminescent Kayaking

In order to enjoy bioluminescence, there has to be complete darkness around. That’s why night kayaking tours are a must if you want to enjoy this phenomenon.

Summer months are usually the best time of the year to watch the glowing plankton. For best experience, you should consider going anytime between mid-May and early-October.

Also, try to schedule your night kayaking excursion about 5 days after a full moon. That time of the month will offer you the perfect lighting to fully immerse in the experience.

Which Spots Are Popular for Bioluminescence in Florida?

There are a handful of areas where you can watch the bioluminescence and even go kayaking at night. Click our home page to learn more!