Ight Kayaking In Florida 3 Tips For A Perfect Experience

Night Kayaking

To say that night kayaking is one of the favorite pastimes of Floridians, wouldn’t be an understatement. With so much water in and around the Sunshine State, it’s no wonder everybody and their dog here is a water lover (but not their cat!).

A lot of people who book tours with us tell us that paddling in the dark is like entering a whole new world. When moon is shining down on you, even the most familiar, ordinary-looking-during-the-day route becomes exotic.

The sounds of droplets off your paddle and the bow cutting through the water are accentuated. Even when there is no moon and the sky is clear, the stargazing experience can seem otherworldly.

Maybe we are partial to night kayaking because a phenomenon like bioluminescence is only visible at night. If you are thinking of going bioluminescent kayaking in Florida between dusk and dawn, here’s what you need to know to make your experience unforgettable.

Head To Beacon 42 in Titusville or Kiwanis Island in Cocoa Beach

These two locations are where we launch our bioluminescence kayaking Florida tours from. After you have booked the tour, you will receive an email with all the details including the launch time. Make sure you reach the site at least 30 minutes before your launch time.

Our team runs a quick but important safety orientation training about 15-20 minutes before we launch. If this is your first time kayaking or your children are going with you, we recommend attending this training.

Check a Lunar Calendar Before You Book a Bioluminescent Tour (Optional)

This is an optional step but if you want to avoid the new moon crowds, book three days after the full moon or one day after the new moon. You will still be able to enjoy a super dark night – when bioluminescence is most visible – while there are relatively fewer tourists around.

Bring Some Essentials with You

Every trip is around 90 minutes long so you may want to bring some snacks with you, especially if you are bioluminescent kayaking with your kids. While we will provide all the night kayaking gear, we recommend bringing towels, bug spray, and waterproof shoes with you. Some people also bring a change of clothes since they can get wet during their adventures on the water.

Looking for a Romantic Moment to Share with Your Partner Under the Nighttime Stars?

If you want to spend some quality time with your loved one, in a magical setting no less, our bioluminescence tour Florida is perfect for you. Since not many people have heard of kayaking at night, it will be a unique and memorable experience for you both. Plus, hello! Let’s not forget about amazing photo opportunities worthy of making your social media followers super jealous! To get started with your night kayaking or bioluminescence tour in Florida, get in touch with us online.