Memorable Kayaking Experience at Night | Florida Adventurer

memorable night kayak

When pondering which water excursion to participate in during your trip to Florida, perhaps consider clear kayaking. Not only is clear kayaking one of the most beautiful and exciting ways to see Florida, but clear kayaking at night is an entirely different adventure.

Experiencing the gorgeous Florida waters during the warm winter nights is simply one of the most incredible ways to bask in Florida’s amazingness. Clear kayaking allows you to experience nature in a brand new way by fully immersing yourself within it. You can view the amazing sea life underneath you by simply looking down inside of your boats. With a clear boat, you can peak into the amazing underwater world, but without getting wet.

Participating in a cool water excursion, such as clear night kayaking, can allow you to create memories that will last a lifetime. Not only is this activity really cool to experience solo if you wanted, but it is also a great activity to experience with family and friends. All people, aged 5 and up, can ride in the clear kayaks and experience the magic that is Florida at night. This excursion can serve as a great bonding moment for you and your partner, or you and your friends, or you and your family, and can create amazing memories that you can reflect on later in life.

When choosing the right kayaking excursion for you, it is best to get the correct kayak for you. If you are looking for a kayaking excursion that is suited more for exercise or relaxation, you may want to look into a closed bottom kayak. This kind of kayak can prevent you from getting wet, and allow for you to experience kayaking as a more intense activity. On the other hand, open bottom kayaks allow you to easily get in and out of the boat if you want to get into the water. An open bottom kayak provides you with more of a sight-seeing, in the water excursion rather than explicitly or exercise.

There is truly nothing better than experiencing Florida in this way. You can see the beautiful scenery and view the amazing wildlife from a new angle. When people usually visit Florida, they will go to the beaches and experience nature from afar. When you’re out on the water in a clear kayak, you can truly take everything in and connect with nature, while disconnecting from the world.