Manatee Tour Experience in Miami | Fun Kayaking Tour

Manatee Swimming

As you comb websites trying to find the best excursion to partake in during your time in Florida, perhaps consider seeing some of the coolest sea life up-close and personal. Here at Florida Adventurer, we offer kayaking tours in which you can see amazing Manatee, and sometimes Dolphins, from the inside of your boat.

Seeing Manatee, or the “sea cow”, up-close from a kayak can be a once in a lifetime experience. These marine animals are gentle and non-aggressive, and seeing them within their natural habitat can be not only an amazing experience but great exposure to marine life for the whole family. Here in Florida, we have a great advantage of seeing these beautiful creatures. Much of the waters that they live in are pretty clear, and you can see them from your kayak just by looking down! If you choose to ride in one of our clear kayaks, you can spot Manatees pretty easily. Manatee is also sometimes playful and will emerge out of the water and come to say hi!

In order to prepare for a Manatee tour, remember that it will be a 90-minute tour and you should come with the proper attire. We provide the kayaks, the paddles, and guides for the tour. As far as what we suggest, we suggest bringing aquatic footwear in order to be comfortable during the kayaking tour. It is best to bring bug spray because, after all, it is Florida and the bugs during the hotter months are out. Please bring a towel as well to dry off after your tour, and perhaps keep your belongings safe and dry. Since this is a 90-minute tour, you should apply sunscreen beforehand and keep a bottle near you in order to prevent sunburns or sun damage to the skin. Florida heat is real and the sun is very powerful, especially in the hotter months.

In regards to location, you can experience this memorable Manatee tour at Haulover Canal, here in Florida. Our tour here at Florida Adventurer launches from Haulover Canal, Merrit Island National Wildlife Refuge and you will glide through the Haulover Canal to spot these beautiful animals.

As far as the Do’s and Don’ts during the Manatee tour, they go as follows: DO bring sunscreen, put away belongings, take pictures and videos, and bring the suggested materials in order to make the trip as suitable as possible for you. DON’T drink alcohol before the tour, bring alcohol on the kayak, make a lot of noise to where the animals may be scared, or litter off the side of the kayak. These tours are intended to see the beautiful ocean and the animals that inhabit it, so please act respectfully.