Go Away on The Florida Bioluminescent Kayaking This Summer


There are very few natural phenomena more spectacular than the bioluminescent kayaking in Florida. And with our range of kayak tours, you and your family can experience it right of the coast of Florida. Also, there is much more to the bioluminescent kayaking than just the glowing plankton; you can also spot manatees, dolphins, herons, and even the occasional alligator.

What is bioluminescent kayaking?

Florida is one of the most wondrous gems tucked away on the Space Coast. And no, we are not just saying that because we live here…okay so maybe we are biased! But, can you name any other coastal town in America where the crystal blue water comes alive at night thanks to bright plankton and jellyfish? That greenish and bluish glow emitted by the plankton – or dinoflagellates – is known as bioluminescence. Even though most people think this phenomenon can only be experienced in Puerto Rico, you can actually see it up close a little more than 2.5 hours from Tampa.

Things to Know About Bioluminescent Kayaking in Florida

On our signature bioluminescent tour, you will be able to kayak across the sparkling blue water and experience the stunning phenomenon. As your kayak’s momentum will create disturbance in the water, you will see millions of shooting stars streaking the water underneath. Many people describe the experience as floating through a field of fairy dust! June through October is the best time to enjoy this event. However, if you can’t make it during the summer and are planning a winter trip, you can check out our comb jelly bioluminescent tour. It generally runs from November to May. During the comb jelly tour, you can explore the Indian River where the glowing jellies get together during the winter months. You can also catch a jelly or two if you want (they are harmless and don’t sting). As you will paddle along the shores of Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge, you might see jumping schools of mullet fish or sleeping manatees as well. Did you know that this wildlife refuge is the most biodiverse estuary in North America? People love to capture every beautiful moment these days but you should note that capturing bioluminescence is nearly impossible. The phenomenon needs darkness and you need light for the cameras to work. It depends on the season, the moon, and the particular day. Also, we understand that jellyfish have a “sting-y” reputation but comb jellyfish don’t sting at all. Many tourists like to capture these illuminating jellies in clear glass jars. Other than producing a stinking odor, these jellies are completely harmless.

We at Florida-Adventurer, offer several different Bioluminescent kayaking tours, for example, sunset kayaking tours and comb-jelly kayaking tours. You can choose any time of the year to enjoy your trip but the best time to experience the bioluminescence is June through October. As we said earlier, the comb jellies are much better seen during the cooler months. Make sure you bring a bug spray, some towels and a change of clothes because you’ll get wet to some extent.