Safety Tips for Kayaking | Florida Kayaking Adventure

Kayaking in Florida

Kayaking is one of the most fun, low-stress eco-adventure activities that the whole family can enjoy. Here in Florida, there are countless destinations for beautiful ocean scenery and kayaking fun. Although kayaking is super fun, there are some tips that will ensure the safety of you and the people you’re adventuring with.

Firstly, be aware and careful with alligators. If you spot one during a kayaking trip, notify the people you’re with, or if you’re on a guided tour – identify the tour guide. Alligators are very abundant in Florida and can be unpredictable in the wild. In order to keep you and your friends or family safe, it is best to be on high-alert while kayaking. Especially if you’re kayaking in swamps, ponds, marshes, rivers, or lakes, it is important to be extra aware of your surroundings and tread carefully as this environment is their home and you are a visitor.

Secondly, the overall awareness of your surroundings in Florida is simply a must. Again, you are a visitor within this environment and it is very important to be careful. You are also operating a kayak and there is room for error with these things, so it is vital to be on high alert. This activity can be very relaxing and therapeutic but it is not an excuse to forget where you’re at and lounge about in the kayak. There are various different wildlife and animals so for the safety of you and the people you’re with, it is best to be ultra-aware of your surroundings in order to have a fun, yet safe time kayaking.

Like I mentioned above, kayaking can be a very relaxing and freeing experience where you are immersed in nature, marveling at the wonders of life. Although that is true, safety should always come first. Ensure that you have the proper gear and tools so that if something were to happen, you are as prepared as you can be. Before heading out on a kayak, make sure that your life vest is the correct size, as well as in good condition. Be of sound mind and body before participating in kayaking fun because you must be aware of your surroundings. It is best to not be impaired by drugs or alcohol before getting on a kayak, in the event that something may go wrong. A general rule of thumb: be aware, be conscious, understand the wildlife, understand the risk, and have fun.

Lastly, another way to stay safe is to avoid sneaking up on wildlife. During kayaking trips, you are immersed in nature and have a close-up look at different animals that you may not see every day. Although it may be exciting and exhilarating to see these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat, they are still wild animals. It is not advised to sneak up on wildlife or make loud, demanding noises that may scare them. Animals in the wild are deeply unpredictable and you don’t want to provoke them into doing something that may put you or someone else at risk.

Kayaking is a great way to experience nature and ease your mind and body. It is a great experience that everyone should partake in, but it is important to stay aware and stay safe.