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Going on a kayak tour is something that should be on everyone’s bucket list. However, many of our guests have never set foot in a kayak before and are more than a little nervous about the prospect of this new and exciting experience.

If this is your first ever kayak tour, or you have a little experience but would like to feel a little more prepared for your excursion, this handy guide should make you feel more confident about your forthcoming kayak adventure with us.

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What To Wear For A Kayak Tour

What to wear is one of the most common questions we hear regarding kayak tours. Needless to say, sensible and practical is the way to go! Experienced kayakers agree that the most important thing is to dress for the temperature of the water, although here in Florida we are lucky enough to experience a comfortable climate pretty much all year round. Choose clothes that dry quickly such as polyester or Gore-Tex and bring some extra towels. A fleece jacket may be beneficial if you do get a little cold.

Footwear should be another important consideration. Water booties or shoes are the best choice for kayaking as they will stay on your feet and prevent stones from getting into them. Contrary to popular belief, flip flops are not a good choice as they slide off of your feet easily and become slippery when you need to move around. Don’t worry about life vests – we will supply Coast Guard Approved life vests, each equipped with a whistle and flashlight, for every member of your tour.

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Minimizing Mozzies

Unless you want to become a human snack, mosquito/insect repellant is an essential part of preparing for any kayak tour. Many of our tours go through areas where mosquitos are rife and while long sleeves and pants will provide some protection, we strongly advise that you also use liberal amounts of a deep-free repellant.

Stay Safe In The Sun

The Florida sun may be beautiful, but it can easily burn your skin. Our tours naturally mean spending plenty of time in the great outdoors so ensure that you wear plenty of waterproof sunscreen on any areas of exposed skin.

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Stay Hydrated

While you may be spending time on the water, it is just important that you bring some to drink with you, especially if your tour is on a warm day. Plastic bottles are much safer and carry less weight than glass alternatives.

What Will Happen If It Is Raining?

A little rain never stopped a kayak tour, especially not when you are already guaranteed to get at least a little wet! Most episodes of bad weather tend to blow over very quickly, although we may need to delay the start of the tour a little for the safety of our guests. If we do need to issue a rain check, you will be able to reschedule at a time convenient to you.

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What If Someone On The Tour Needs First Aid?

Accidents and injuries are extremely unlikely but rest assured that your safety is our biggest priority. All Florida Adventurer guides are trained First Responders and equipped with a 2-way ship to shore radio should an emergency arise.

Remember that every trip and every kayaker are unique so if you are unsure about anything covered in this post, please do not hesitate to ask any questions! We look forward to welcoming you on a Florida Adventurer kayak tour!