Preparing for a Manatee Tour | Kayaking in Florida

manatee in FL

When you’re here in Florida searching for the most amazing water excursions offered, Manatee kayaking tours can be a popular choice. In the event that you choose to do a Manatee kayaking tour, here is a little more information on what exactly to expect and how to prepare for your fun tour seeing Manatees!

One of the important things to remember before your Manatee tour is that no tour can guarantee that you’ll see the Manatee. It can’t be stressed enough that these amazing, wild creatures are operating on their own time and not ours. Although during peak seasons, you can see upwards of 200+ manatee at one time if you’re in the optimal location. Even though you should understand that they won’t always be there and there’s no guarantee that they’ll be present, it is also important to mentally prepare yourself to see them!

This type of excursion is your opportunity to really see nature for what it is, and also explore the beautiful sea creatures that inhabit our Earth. You can finally see nature, without the cheesy script, and appreciate it in all of its glory. Kayaking along the vast, blue Florida oceans can be a magical experience, and seeing these big, majestic creatures can only add to the experience. In order to ensure your safety whilst on this excursion, it is important to prepare your safety items. Usually, many of the necessary items will be provided by your guide and/or tour company. You will oftentimes have a life vest on, in case you need it, and your guide will have radios that can radio to shore in case of emergency. In addition to these practices, after you have arrived, been checked in, and have your life vest has been secured, your guide will give you safety tips on how to maneuver your watercraft safely on the water.

Although Manatee spotting isn’t for sure, there are many different times throughout the year where you can spot them, even during winter! During the wintertime, there is something called “the box”, where Manatees frequent. This “box” provides the Manatee warmth during the winter, and for the rest of the year, it serves as a rest area of sorts for the Manatee to hang out and also breed. Here at Florida Adventurer, we have taken guests out to “the box” and even witnessed herds breeding, which is something you definitely don’t get to see every day! “The box” allows you to see these cool creatures in their natural habitat, in action! You won’t be able to see anything like it on other tours.

If you are interested in participating in a Manatee kayaking tour, or other kayaking tours like this, allow our expert staff here at Florida Adventurer to assist you! We host various types of tours that prove to make our guests time here in Florida much more special and exciting! With kayaking tours varying from bioluminescent night tours to sunset tours to Manatee and Dolphin spotting tours, there is something for everyone in the family! Throughout tours, you will be able to see sea life up-close and personal, and experience nature in a new and exciting way! If you are interested in any more services we offer, visit out website or give us a call at (321) 203-0700.