Comb Jellyfish with Florida-Adventurer Merritt Island FL 32952

comb jellyfish

Did you know?

  • Comb jellyfish are one of the oldest life-forms on earth! Since they don’t sting, their natural defense mechanism is quite different than the normal jellyfish.

  • Whenever comb jellies sense a disturbance in the water, they create a cold light – bioluminescence – to scare away their predators.

  • When you cast a flashlight on these tiny creatures, they refract a dynamic rainbow-like light show!

  • During our tour, you can catch your very own comb jellyfish! With a jar and a net, it is very easy to catch a jelly. If you are touring with your children, they will absolutely love the experience.

Since bioluminescence is best seen in the warmer months, the upcoming summer is the best time for you to witness the glowing jellies in the night. Keep in mind that bioluminescence doesn’t appear as brightly during the full moon phases, so make sure you book your tour during the darkest of nights (5 days before or after a new moon).

comb jellies

Bioluminescence in Haulover Canal

If you have always wanted to experience the glimmering, starry seas at night while paddling in Florida, Haulover Canal is the place to go. There is an easy launch in the Bairs Cove from where you can go into the Indian River Lagoon, or you can go via the sheltered cove along the Haulover Canal. Haulover Canal connects the Mosquito Lagoon with the northern end of the Indian River Lagoon and is always a wild waterway, thanks to the constant tides. This is what makes Haulover one of the best kayaking spots in Florida.

The area is well-known for its bioluminescence for kayakers who go paddling in the dark. In the summer, the canal waters are flooded with hundreds of thousands of glittering comb jellies that are completely harmless and safe to touch. You can paddle along through the palm and mangrove-laced shores in search of the best comb jellyfish in Haulover. Let our expert tour guides show you these beautiful sea creatures glow in the Haulover Canal and have some fun catching your own comb jellyfish. Book your Comb Jelly Bioluminescence Kayak Tour today with Florida-Adventurer in Merritt Island, FL (321) 735-9400.