Good locations in Florida to spot a Manatee | Florida Adventurer

manatee spotted in FL

When visiting Florida, a popular excursion is manatee spotting. Manatee is oftentimes common to spot during the winter months, and if you’re lucky, you can see large amounts of manatee swimming in the vast Floridian waters.

Some of the popular places to see manatee in Florida are:

– Homosassa Springs Wildlife Park in Homosassa, FL

– Three Sisters Spring in Crystal River, FL

– Lovers Key State Park in Fort Myers Beach, FL

– Manatee Springs State Park in Chiefland, FL

One great spot to see some majestic wildlife such as manatee is Clearwater, FL. What makes Clearwater a hotspot for spotting manatee is that manatee tours operate there, and also operate all year round. It can be said that in some of the areas listed above, such as the Crystal River and Homosassa River, some manatees are always present. Whereas in Clearwater, they are present year-round, as aforementioned. The best time frame to visit Florida and spot some manatees is during the wintertime.

Another great place to visit and spot some manatees is near Orlando. Referring back to the list above, Crystal River is a great place to see manatees and it, alongside Blue Spring State Park, is located north of Orlando. Blue Spring State Park is actually a manatee refuge, which makes it optimal for viewing manatees.

Upon your visit to Florida, consider manatee adventures as part of your excursion experience! Here in Florida, there are plenty of manatee tours that will bring you up close and personal with some of the most majestic sea life that Florida has to offer. This kind of experience is super fun and great for the whole family. You set out on a boat that tours the beautiful ocean, and you get to spot these big, beautiful creatures, providing you with a view of nature that you haven’t seen before.