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two people night kayaking

If you have never been bio-kayaking before you certainly aren’t alone. Many people have heard of, if not tried their hand at, regular kayaking. However, a bio-kayak tour truly is a breath-taking and truly memorable adventure.

What is bio-kayaking?

Bio-kayaking refers to kayak tours that are performed in areas and at times where there is a heavy presence of bioluminescent Dinoflagellates in the water. These naturally glowing organisms are only visible on dark nights when the water is warm. However, when your kayak glides through the water, the disturbance will cause the bioluminescent algae to begin to glow, creating a unique and phenomenal blue or green shimmering pattern shining beneath you. A bio-kayaking tour really is a kayaking experience like no other.

For you to get the very most out of this incredible opportunity, here are our top tips to enjoy your bio-kayaking tour.

night kayaking

Be prepared for the appearance of bioluminescence to change throughout the season

Bioluminescent algae are part of nature, and this means that like nature, they change throughout the year. This means that the way that they appear can also vary, ranging from greenish sparks to the bright blue hues seen in professional photographs. If you want to paddle in the bioluminescence that most closely resembles that in pictures, be sure to schedule your visit for the very height of the season.

Try not to get too hung up on taking photographs

While we understand that you may want to grab photos of this beautiful phenomenon to look back on in the future, be aware that actually capturing the true essence of the moment is extremely difficult. The photographs that you see online are almost certainly captured during perfect conditions at the very height of the bioluminescence season. Instead, we recommend concentrating on enjoy the glow-show first hand as much as possible! If you want to capture the effects on a Go-Pro then this may work too!

comb jellies

Look out for glowing comb jellies too!

In addition to the wondrous sight of the bioluminescent algae, you may also have the opportunity to see comb jellies – a wonderful jelly-like sea creature that emit a soft, iridescent glowing color that can be seen at night time. Although they may look like jellyfish, they are completely harmless and can be scooped up into a clear container for a closer look before releasing them back into the water. We recommend that you don’t handle them, purely because they are very fragile and can break apart in your hands.

Dress for the water not the weather

One of the biggest mistakes made by kayaking novices is dressing for the weather temperatures rather than the water. It may have been a hot, sunny day but the temperature can drop quite rapidly at night. Since there is a high chance that you will get wet – if not fall in – then you will be glad if you are wearing warmer clothing! Feeling cold and shivery will certainly take some of the shine off of your bio-kayaking tour! Make sure you also bring a change of clothes so that you can get dry after as no-one wants to travel home still wet.

mosquitos on water

Wear mosquito repellent

Unfortunately, mosquitos can be rife during bio-kayaking tours as while the conditions are perfect for bioluminescent plankton, they are also perfect for mozzies. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you use a heavy dose of DEET-free mosquito repellent before you set off, and even consider bringing some with you to re-apply. Nothing is more off-putting when you are trying to enjoy the dance of the glowing algae than being eaten alive by mosquitos.

For more tips and advice on how to prepare for your Florida Adventurer bioluminescence kayaking tour, contact us and please do not hesitate to speak to a member of our friendly, knowledgeable team! We look forward to welcoming you in one of our tour groups!