Florida Wedding Proposal Ideas | Bioluminescence Kayaking FL

Many gents ( and ladies) try and think of a creative way of proposing to their significant other. There is always the typical- holiday, amusement park, beach. But, have you ever considered on a boat? More specifically- a kayak?

Imagine a day kayak trip- sun, beautiful water views, and hopefully even a glimpse of a dolphin and just then you tell them your love of them- and then pop out that ring. ( Now, be sure not to throw it overboard!) Do it a little later to catch the sunset even.

Want a more “ in the moonlight” type vibe? Book a private Bioluminescense Tour with us to pop the question. Well, THIS is the good stuff- a ‘magical’ feel with blue type jellies lighting up the bay all around the kayaks while you create some witty words to tell your favorite person that you want to be with them forever.

Be sure to incorporate your proposal story into the rest of your wedding bliss- have a family outing while they are in town, or add it into your bachlor/ette party plans while showing them REAL FLORIDA.

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