Florida Adventurer Your Next Kayaking Destination


Options that you can look into for your first-time kayaking

Tired from the stresses of the week? Are you itching to try something new and exciting? While going to the beach or hiking up the mountain sounds like a pretty good idea, why don’t you try something that you haven’t done before? Kayaking is one such activity that you can look into doing for a fun weekend. You don’t have to invest in getting yourself a boat for kayaking if you’re just out to try it. There are other ways that you can choose from so that you can experience the joys of kayaking. An option that you can do is to rent a kayak for a day. With this, you will only just have to worry about minimal fees. If you know a friend who is into kayaking, you can also opt to borrow equipment and gear from him or her. You can even ask your friend to teach you the basics of kayaking! For a more leisurely experience, you can opt to sign up for a kayak tour. There are places that offer different packages and tours for you to choose from. For the best kayaking tour in Florida, check out Florida Adventurer today!

Kayaking essentials: what to wear

Before you go out on your kayaking trip, it is important to be fully prepared with the necessary things that you need to take with you to have a safe and enjoyable day ahead. First up is your outfit. Of course, what you wear is as important as all the essentials that you need to bring for your trip. Wearing the appropriate attire will ensure that you are having a comfortable experience. You wouldn’t wear clothes that easily get heavy when it gets wet, wouldn’t you? Some of the things that you need to consider are dressing for the weather. If the weather is warm, you can opt for a rash guard top, swimwear, or shorts. You can also bring a hat around with you to protect yourself from the sun. It is also advised to wear neoprene footwear on the trip. Jackets can be optional for you. If the weather is cold, however, you may need to wear a wetsuit.

What to bring with you on your kayaking trip

Now that you are outfit ready, also remember to bring the following with you on your kayaking trip. Don’t forget to bring a first aid kit, lots of water, some snacks for when you might feel hungry, dry bags, a watch, signaling whistle, head lamp, and some items to protect your skin such as lip balm, sun glasses, and sunscreen. Ready? Let the adventure begin! To know more about the essentials of kayaking, head over to the Florida Adventurer website.

Precautions you need to know for when you go kayaking

While you are definitely out there having lots of fun learning the basics about kayaking, or simply just enjoying the day with your friends, it is still important to remember to practice the basic safety rules for when you are out kayaking. If you are just learning the ropes and you don’t have a guide with you, it is important to have a friend with you who knows what to do or who can get help for the both of you if ever you need to be assisted. Before even going on your kayaking trip, do your own research on the things that you need to know such as weather and water conditions. Do not go further from the distance that you are capable of for your own safety. Make sure that your gear is safe to use prior to kayaking. Also be reminded that in case of an emergency, you need to whistle three times to signal that you are in distress. For more information about the safety precautions that you need to remember when kayaking, consult with Florida Adventurer.

Enjoy your next kayaking experience with Florida Adventurer

Are you looking for your next fun adventure? Florida Adventurer is the place to be! Florida Adventurer has a number of activities that you and your family can choose from for you to enjoy. For tour locations, starting points will be at Kiwanis Island Park in Merritt Island, and Haulover Canal at Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge. Check out their website for more information about the different tours and activities that they offer such as Florida Bioluminescence Kayaking, Bioluminescence Clear Kayaking, Sunset Kayaking with Bioluminescence, Bioluminescent Comb Jelly Eco-Tour, Sunset Kayaking, and Manatee and Dolphin Kayaking. For questions and clarifications, you may reach them through the contact information listed in their website. So, what are you waiting for? Experience fun and adventure with Florida Adventurer!