Florida Adventurer: The Premier Provider of Kayaking Tours in Florida

Kayaking tours are considered one of the must-do activities for visitors and vacationers to the sunshine state. Florida Adventurer is pleased to be the premier provider of kayaking tours in Florida, offering guests a range of truly unique and memorable experiences that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

Bioluminescence is one of the highlights of some of our kayaking tours. This bright and bold phenomenon can be found in only six locations in the entire world, and we are lucky to have this natural wonder of the world right here in our backyard. Bioluminescence is caused by organisms that have the unique ability to create their own light thanks to a chemical process that takes place in their bodies. When this effect is combined with the ripples and reflections of water, a magical light show like no other can be seen. And since these displays are created by living organisms, you can be sure that no two experiences are the same.

Florida Adventurer is delighted to offer a range of kayaking tours with bioluminescence being the #1 kayaking trip in the Orlando, Cocoa Beach area. These 90-minute expeditions are suitable for virtually all ages and represent an opportunity to see some of Florida’s native birds and mammals, including manatees, dolphins, stingrays and even alligators. This is in addition to the incredible bioluminescent displays beneath us, and the stunning Milky Way galaxy above.

If you are visiting Florida, don’t miss out on your chance to witness bioluminescence with your own eyes. For an experience that truly is like no other, call Florida Adventurer on 321-735-9400 to book your once in a lifetime Florida kayaking tour.