Adventure Kayak Tour to Experience Bioluminescence Florida

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If you want to experience the bioluminescence in Florida in all its glory, you should book a kayaking tour in the summer months. If you’ve never been on a bioluminescent kayaking tour, here are a few things you should know.

Step by Step Breakdown of a Bioluminescence Florida Tour

Once you have arrived at the launch site, your Florida-Adventurer guide will go over the details of your trip and also fit you with life jackets. Since mosquitos are as abundant as the water here, you should wear bug repellant and/or full sleeve clothing. Your bioluminescence tour will launch just after the sunset. On most trips, guests easily encounter wild birds and manatees in the cove before we’ve even entered the Indian River Lagoon. You will begin to see the glow underneath the water as the sky darkens. With every kayak movement and paddle stroke, you’ll see a shimmer in the water. By the time we paddle to the shore, it’s completely dark. That’s when we stop to take in the breathtaking phenomenon. Movement from the fish and your hands will produce thousands of underwater fireworks. This kayaking trip generally lasts for 1.5 to 2 hours. Our trained guides are Florida-Adventurer will provide a short lesson on kayaking for beginners. We do everything we can to make sure you have the time of your life.

What Do You See During Bioluminescence Florida Tour?

If you’ve ever seen a stingray or manatee move underwater, you know how slow they move. Thanks to their slow movement and the illuminating plankton, they give a ghostly blue-green glow to the water. You can drop your hands or swirl your kayak paddle into the water to create your very own light patterns! Even the slightest movement causes the microscopic dinoflagellates to emit radiant sparks. Scientists have yet to figure out much about these tiny sea creatures but we know they are essential for the existence of most aquatic life. The bioluminescence Florida tours are generally 90 minutes and you don’t have to be a kayaking pro to enjoy them. We see a lot of guests who have never been on a kayak. Our short “kayaking for beginners” lesson and due diligence by the guides ensures you stay safe during the tour. The best time to enjoy this wild phenomenon is at the darkest hours of night. So, check a lunar calendar and try to schedule your tour 5 days after/before a new moon or when the moon is not out.

When and Where You Can See Bioluminescence in Florida?

You can experience this spectacular phenomenon on Florida’s Space Coast. The Indian River Lagoon Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge is one of the main spots to enjoy it. At Florida-Adventurer, we offer several bioluminescence kayaking tours throughout the year. If you want to see the tiny dinoflagellates (glowing plankton) you should come during the summer months – from June through October. Or, if you want to see the glowing comb-jellyfish (maybe catch a couple of them?), then October through May is a good time for that. You should note that even though both the organisms produce a bright glow, they are completely different experiences. So, what you may see during August will not be the same as what you will see with the comb jellies in January.