Eco-Tour Adventures with Bioluminescence in Florida

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Bioluminescence is one of the many wonders of the natural world. The biochemical emission of light by living organisms such as plankton, fish and glow worms, it really is a fantastic sight to see. This is especially the case when you are able to witness large numbers of bioluminescent creatures at once. Dinoflagellates, which are single-celled organisms that are members of the plankton family, congregate in huge numbers, resting on marine plants and rocks, or floating on or near the surface of the water where they reside. Through a combination of remarkable genetics and biological chemistry, they warn away prey by emitting a blueish-green hue from their bodies. With so many dinoflagellates ‘performing’ at once, it creates a truly unique and magical display of bioluminescence just beneath the water that may people like to another popular phenomena – the Northern Lights. No two experiences are the same and one of the best ways to see bioluminescence, particularly here in Florida, is through an eco-tour.

Eco-tours are dedicated to socially responsible travel. In this case, visiting natural areas on a small-scale basis with little to no impact on the environment. Our eco-tours are carried out by kayak, ensuring that there is minimal disturbance to wildlife, no additional pollution created, and the entire experience is environmentally and ecologically sustainable.

We currently offer two eco-tour adventures with bioluminescence here in Florida. These are as follows:

Sunset Kayaking with Bioluminescence

This eco-tour takes place in two parts. In the first, you will head out towards Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge. Here you will have the opportunity to see a variety of birds in their natural habitats, including Heron, Egrets, Ibis, Pelicans, Falcons and Spoonbills. It is not unheard of for our adventurers to also witness the Florida Bottlenose Dolphin, Manatees and even Alligators and Sharks. This part of your tour will take around 90 minutes before going back to shore for a short break while the skies darken. Then it is time to see the stunning bioluminescence that this area has to offer. As your oars disturb the water, you will see a unique and magnificent light display like no other, just inches away from you.

Florida Bioluminescence Kayaking Tours

Florida bioluminescence is the most popular kayaking trip in the Orlando, Cocoa Beach area. This 90-minute tour takes place on the Indian River Lagoon where you will make your way through mangrove trails to the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge, also known as Kiwanis Island. With no light pollution to distract us, we can witness the bioluminescence caused by dinoflagellates in all its glory. We will also be able to see the Milky Way directly overhead, meaning that you are surrounded by two of the most beautiful sights. Since the dinoflagellates are constantly on the move, we can truly say that no two adventures are the same!

To find out more about eco-tour adventures with bioluminescence in Florida, or to book a place on one of our amazing Florida kayaking tours, please contact our friendly and passionate team.