Comb Jellyfish Tour With Florida Adventurer


Understanding the origins of the comb jelly

Nature is wonderful, indeed, with the various creatures and living forms that are scattered across the globe. These creatures give life and balance to our ecosystem, without which everything will fall into chaos. Some creatures are curious in their looks and origins, shapes and sizes. While some prefer to hide in the dead of night, away from the prying eyes of much larger and more dangerous creatures that roam in the night, other entities prefer to glow, giving us, their spectators, a dazzling view. One of these living things that shines bright on water, are comb jellies. What exactly are these curious creatures called comb jellies? Also known as Ctenophora, these animals are not to be confused with jellyfish. They are, in fact, not jellyfish, but more of organisms that have been living for over five hundred million years. Yes, they are that prehistoric already. They do not sting, but use colloblasts in order to get the food that they need in order to sustain themselves. If you are interested in learning more about comb jellies, check out the Bioluminescent Comb Jelly Eco-tour at Florida Adventurer! Visit their website for more information.

When can you see comb jellies?

Comb jellies are living organisms that give off a bioluminescent glow. Why do they glow? You may ask. You see, comb jellies use the glow that they give off in order to protect themselves from possible predators. They are walnut-like in shape, and are found in open seas where prey is in abundance. Once touched, their defense mechanism acts up and you can see them glow up in order to deter you from coming closer. For the curious mind, these marine creatures are fascinating. Drawn like moths to the flame, a glowing comb jelly is a sight to behold. Which is why it has been found to be a source of attraction for different eco-tours and activities. Comb jellies can usually be seen at all times of the year. It is usually recommended to go around November to March. However, there is a window time where eco-tours encourage you to do your booking. To know what is the best time to see comb jellies, head over to the Florida Adventurer website to learn more. Book your tour with them today!

Where are they usually found?

In Florida, there is no shortage of opportunities to be able to spot these glowing, bioluminescent comb jellies. If you are an avid fan of the outdoors, or even if you are just out on a casual stroll along the coastline, you may get lucky and get to see them. At Florida Adventurer, they offer bioluminescent comb jelly eco-tours, with a launch site at Haulover Canal, Titusville. Inclusions are kayak, PFD, paddles, and your trusted guides. You can definitely enjoy a quick trip around to explore and see the breathtaking view that is the glow of comb jellies in this ninety-minute trip. If you are interested in learning more about comb jellies, the tours available, and other services and tours that you might be interested in, visit the Florida Adventurer website for more information.

How can you get to see them?

There are a number of ways that you can get to see these fantastic living creatures. However, the best way is to book a bioluminescent comb jelly eco-tour with the best bioluminescence adventure in Florida! Florida Adventurer has got it all for you. Browse through their website and take a peek about the details that you need to know about the tour. You can also check out the other services and tours that they offer for your next outdoor trip. Choose Florida Adventurer for your next adventure!

Take a bioluminescent comb jelly eco-tour with Florida Adventurer

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