Catch Glowing Jellyfish While Bioluminescence Kayaking in Florida

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We understand how people living outside the state might find the bioluminescence kayaking in Florida a mind-blowing experience. But what really cracks us up is when people living in Florida come to us for the very first time and end up discovering that such a magnificent phenomenon exists here. We had a couple of guests book a night kayaking tour with us in April. These people have been living in Orlando for three years and they were visiting the Disney World. In all of their time here, they never realized they could actually go Bioluminescence Kayaking in Florida. We were obviously more than happy to give them an unforgettable experience.

Catching comb jellies in the dark

People who book a bioluminescence kayaking tour in Florida either want to see dinoflagellates or comb jellyfish. Contrary to what you might think, most bioluminescence tourists are fans of comb jellies. And who wouldn’t be; they not only glow in the dark but are also completely harmless (as in sting-less). We offer guided bioluminescence kayaking tours year-round. Once we equip you with life jackets, bug spray, and glow sticks, off we go to explore the sea at night. If you are a kayaking beginner, our trained and licensed guides will teach you a short lesson on how to paddle safely. Then you’ll leave for the launching spot at the Haulover Canal. As you paddle your way to a mangrove area, be prepared to spot hundreds – if not thousands – of comb jellies emitting blue-green glow under the water. You should note that these jellies only light up when they are disturbed by your hand movements or kayak paddles. As we said earlier, the beauties don’t sting at all. So, if you can fish them out of the water, you can actually hold them in your palms. Many people bring clear glass jars with them to hold these comb jellies. They are clear little blobs which may look totally unremarkable unless they are disturbed by any kind of movement. You can collect them in a mason jar for your very own light lamp! However, we do recommend you release them back into the water where these glorious creatures truly belong.

Starry night above, a starry sea beneath

The bioluminescence kayaking tours are 1.5 to 2 hours long so, you can enjoy a suitable amount of time paddling around. If you are planning a family tour, your children will love catching and releasing more comb jellies throughout the tour. The bioluminescent tour is one of the best ways to experience the marvels of nature right here in Florida. Even if you are not a paddling pro and find yourself running into bushes overhanging the water, you will have loads of fun enjoying the gorgeous night out. The official duration of these tours are 2 hours, but our guides often run a little bit beyond the schedule because the guests are having so much fun! Don’t miss this spectacular experience of a lifetime!