Enchanting Adventure Guide In Orlando On A Budget

Can You Have An Enchanting Adventure in Orlando On A Budget?

When most people think of having fun in Orlando, they think of Disney World, but what if you don’t want to spend several hundreds of dollars exploring a theme park? What if you want to take your kids on a fun expedition in nature or take your partner on a spellbinding date on a limited budget?

We have two words for you: bioluminescent kayaking.

In Titusville and Cocoa Beach near Orlando, there is a spectacular natural phenomenon waiting for you to dip your toes in. At Florida-Adventurer, we take adventure seekers like you on kayaking tours through the neon green and blue waters here, so you can paddle for yourself through shimmering waves. Whether it’s comb jellyfish in the winter months or dinoflagellates in summer, you can see the otherworldly views all year long.

What is Bioluminescence?

Bioluminescence refers to the ability of living organisms in the water to produce light; you don’t have to go inside the water to see it as it’s pretty visible from up above.

If you want to see bioluminescence in all its glory, you want to book the tour on a new moon, when there is little to no moonlight. Mid-to late summer months are the best times to see these organisms, especially if you want to snap some great photos.

You can book a clear (transparent) kayak tour to make your experience even more magical. In a see-through kayak, you can see the water as well as marine wildlife right under you as everything is highlighted thanks to bioluminescence.

Your tour guide will take you through the beautiful mangroves and once the sun sets, comb jellies and dinoflagellates will light up the water around you. Schools of mullet fish become quite active in the dark and start jumping around the water. With stars twinkling above you, this nighttime adventure is one you’ll never forget.

And the best part is, these tours only cost $60-$75 per person!

Why You Should Choose Us for Your Night Kayaking Tour

Florida-Adventurer is one of the most trusted outdoor experience operators in Orlando, specializing in unique adventures on neon glowing waters on the Space Coast late at night. In addition to the nighttime bioluminescence tours, we also offer kayak tours during the day and at sunset. While Disney has dove into politics – we have not.

Our clear kayaks are perfect for paddling at the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge and watching the manatees, mullets, dolphins, and other creatures gently swimming underneath you. We only bring groups of up to 10 people (or less) out on the water at a time, which means you get to enjoy a personalized experience with our professional, certified guides.

In addition to ensuring your safety, we also share all the information about bioluminescence and surrounding areas in an engaging and fun way throughout the tour. Ready to get your GLOW on this summer? Book a tour online or contact us for more information.