Bioluminescence Florida: A Magical, Historical Adventure

Bioluminescence Florida

Bioluminescence is not exactly a newly discovered phenomenon. From the folklore of Scandinavians and Polynesians to the myths of ancient voyagers, stories of “burning sea” and mysterious lights are all over the early writings. However, the Romans and Greeks were the first to report the characteristics of “glow-worms” and luminous organisms in the water that emitted cold light.

Fortunately, the marine organisms that cause this phenomenon have managed to survive for thousands of years (more than we can say for the woolly mammoths and dodo birds). There are only a handful of places in the world where the ocean comes alive at night with a glittering light show that will take your breath away – Florida is one of them.

Come for Bioluminescent Kayaking With Us!

Bioluminescence Florida gives you the perfect opportunity to experience the best-known sea-sparkling displays in the world.

Join us at the Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge near Kennedy Space Center in Titusville or the Kiwanis Island Park near Cocoa Beach to see the river just like those early explorers did. As Christopher Columbus once put it, it looks like the flame of a candle that’s constantly flickering.

In Florida, you can actually go bioluminescent kayaking to see the magic up close. Our clear kayaks are a particular hit among the adventurers who want to immerse themselves into bioluminescent kayaking. Once the sun goes down and you paddle your see-through kayak out into the bio bay, you only need to look down to find the sparkling plankton all around you. Around your kayak and paddles, the sides glow a brilliant blue and green as schools of mullet, manatees, and millions of dinoflagellates pass underneath you.

This is a mystical experience that is going to be the highlight of your stay whether you’re staying near the Space Coast (Cape Canaveral and Titusville) or Orlando. Our transparent kayaks make the tour even more magical as you launch into the river.

Once you are in the bioluminescence Florida coves of the Indian River, our guide will have you turn off the kayak lights so you can see the magic unfold. All of our guides at Florida Adventurer are well trained to show you the wonders of the Indian River Lagoon at night.

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If you are looking for an extraordinary escapade to kick off 2022, bioluminescent kayaking Florida is worth a visit. There are many great things to do in the Sunshine state, but for a “real Florida” adventure, night kayaking bioluminescent tour can’t be beat. Have a question about the tour? Fill out this form or drop us an email at