Bioluminescence In Florida During The Winter Season

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Bioluminescence In Florida During The Winter Season

If you’ve never seen bioluminescence in Florida during the colder season, you’re in for a surprise. The Indian River Lagoon and Mosquito Lagoon get packed with comb jellyfish as well as tiny dinoflagellates to create neon bright lights in the dark.

And as if a living laser show is not enough to leave you awestruck, there will be large manatees rolling around right next to your kayaks! Just imagine having a 2,000 pound marine creature – as big as your kayak – gently swimming alongside you! Now that’s a sight to behold.

A lot of our guests get delightfully surprised when manatees start pushing their kayaks around with their noses!

A short while later, when the sun goes down, you will slowly start to see the swirls from your paddles as they produce a shimmer in the water. This glowing effect is known as bioluminescence and it is caused by marine organisms like comb jellyfish and plankton (dinoflagellates).

Perks of going bioluminescent kayaking with Florida-Adventurer

We make sure to take our guests in parts of the estuaries where bioluminescent organisms are so abundant that even a hand passing through the water can set off a bright explosion of colors!

For those of you who are truly curious about these creatures – these beautiful, mysterious organisms are critical to the very existence of most aquatic life. And since so few people ever get the opportunity to see them with their own eyes, bioluminescent creatures are little known and appreciated!

As it gets dark, you can see everything beneath the surface of the water – sea grass, porpoises, manatees, dolphins, schools of darting fish. Every little movement creates an ethereal radiance that’s simply hard to put into words.

We also ensure that our guests get to spend plenty of time in Mosquito Lagoon because there are ten times more mullet there. This is the best thing to do in North Florida since Shaq played in Orlando. Too bad he went to the Lakers where the NBA helped him win championships but that’s another topic.

What does mullet have to do with bioluminescence?

Glad you asked. They may not produce stunning glow like dinoflagellates or comb jellies but watching them popping up everywhere is a delight people don’t ever forget! As the water remains illuminated with the bioluminescence, you are more able to see schools of mullet that seem to be exploding all around the kayaks!

One of our guests accurately described it as the popcorn popping! It looks like hundreds of fireworks in the water. These fish fly through the air, leap over the kayaks, and earn joyous squeals out of most guests.

The very contrast between the pitch-dark night and the crystalline blue-green explosions from airborne fish is something you need to see for yourself. The still water filled with reflections of the stars above and the marvelous meteoric streaks left by jumping fish is an experience you’ll never forget.

Enjoy the Otherworldly Phenomenon of Bioluminescence in Florida

Maybe you grew up fishing and kayaking, or maybe you’ve never been in a kayak at all – regardless of your previous experience, pay us a visit. We will make sure you have the time of your life, and you go home with an unforgettable memory and a desire to return.

If you have any questions regarding the bioluminescent tour in Florida, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.