Benefits of Clear Kayaking | Kayak Tours in Miami

Whether or not you are a lover of the outdoors, there can be many benefits to experiencing nature and immersing yourself within it. Kayaking is a great way to decompress, relax, become one with nature, and provide you with some mental clarity. Not only is kayaking a great way to immerse yourself within the great outdoors, but clear kayaking takes you one step closer.

The clear kayak excursion involves a completely clear kayak that you can utilize to see everything underneath you. Within clear kayaks, you can see the underwater life that lives beneath your seat, as you glide across Earth’s expansive waters. Depending on the clarity and depth of the water, you can often see fishes, sea life, coral reefs, and much more with clear kayaks, making it optimal to see nature up-close.

Although kayaking is usually seen as a leisure activity, kayaking poses great health benefits. From a physical standpoint, kayaking is great for improving cardiovascular fitness, as you must paddle to utilize the kayak. Kayaking can also improve muscle strength, mostly in the arms, shoulder, chest, and back. When using a kayak you are using a lot of power from your arms, and you will often have to twist your torso and use some pressure from your legs. Overall, kayaking is a great way to knock something off your bucket list, witness the great natures that we may not appreciate enough, and also work out the body.

From a mental standpoint, clear kayaking can benefit your mental stability. It is no secret that connecting with nature is a great way to pull yourself out of your head, clear your mind, and gather a broader perspective on life and the role you play in your life. For many people, getting outside is a great “quick-fix” to decompressing the mind and body, releasing depressive ideas and notions, and allowing the body to focus on a different task. Clear kayaking can act as a meditative, peaceful activity where you can navigate waters and allow the mind to focus on that, rather than the stresses of life. Cruising across open waters and being surrounded by stillness, quietness, and tranquility can be an incredibly calming experience that allows for some self-care to take place. You are also in such close proximity to various animals who are in their natural habitats like birds, sea life, and other animals who live alongside these waters. Witnessing these animals up-close can also greatly benefit your mental health by, again, taking your mind off of less desirable things and focusing on the present.

In order to experience clear kayaking here in Florida, we here at Florida Adventurer offer clear kayaking tours in which you, too, can partake in this peaceful, calming experience that is not only great for your mind but your body as well. We also host Bioluminescent clear kayaking tours where we take you out to the waters of Florida at night where you can witness bioluminescent fish and algae glow neon blue underneath the water. Allow for you and your loved ones to experience tranquility and peace while exploring the vast waters that this planet has to offer. Exercise self-care and partake in a physical activity that will relax the mind and push the body. Experience clear kayaking today, here at Florida Adventurer!