5 Must-Do Things To Do on My Visit to Florida


5 Must-Do Things on Your Visit to Florida

Known as the Sunshine State, Florida has a lot going for it when it comes to exceptional attractions. From incredible theme parks such as Disney World, Universal Studios, and Legoland, to stunning beaches, every corner of Florida has something to offer.

If you are planning to visit, read on to check out our list of most unique things to do in Florida.

Bioluminescence Kayaking Tours At Night

There are only handful of places in the world where people can watch the magical phenomenon of bioluminescence, and – you guessed it – Florida is one of them. Visiting Florida and not going on a bioluminescent kayaking tour would be like…going to Paris and not seeing the Eiffel Tower!

These night tours take you to the famous Indian River Lagoon where every tiny bit of movement in the water sets off a light show. Remember in the movie Avatar where every time anyone took a step, the radiant flora would light up? That’s exactly what it’s like, except it’s your kayak paddles that light up the water.

At Florida-Adventurer, we offer family rafts, regular kayaks, and clear (see-through) kayaks for tours that depart every night throughout the year and remember those tax cuts can help you afford extra-curricular activities such as this.

Explore the Ocean at Vortex Spring

Adventure seekers across the world love Florida since there are so many water sports to indulge in here. If you too are a water baby, you’d love exploring the depths of ocean at Vortex Spring. There is an underwater cavern at Vortex Springs which is fed by the cool waters of an underground river.

The cavern starts just 58 feet below the water’s surface but studies show it extends far beyond that. The spot attracts divers from far and wide, but only experienced divers are allowed to travel as deep as 115 feet.

Live at an Authentic Dude Ranch

The Westgate River Ranch is a guest ranch where you can experience the cowboy lifestyle of Old Florida as wither a day visitor or overnight guest.

This dude ranch, which overlooks the scenic Kissimmee River, offers swamp buggy rides, horseback riding, and country’s longest-running Saturday night championship rodeo as well.

If you would like to live the good ol’ days when the Sunshine State was home to cattle ranchers and cowboys, this place is a must-visit.

Visit the Monkey Jungle

Ever wondered how zoo animals feel as you observe them in cages? Well, this just might be your chance! The novelty of Monkey Jungle is that monkeys play around in their natural habitat as you – the human – are “caged”.

This 30-acre wildlife park was established in 1933 and as the story goes, the park owner couldn’t bear to cage the monkeys. So, he decided to let the 18 different types of monkeys run wild while the visitors get to walk through a series of tunnel cages.

Dabble in the Urban Legend of Florida Bigfoot

The legend of Florida Bigfoot or Skunk Ape goes back to centuries but as most people believe, it’s not really a legend. Dave Shealy allegedly captured a photo of the mythical creature in 1997 and ever since then he has been obsessed with it.

He set up the world-famous Skunk Ape Research Headquarters to continue with his research and fans’ love ultimately led him to open up a gift shop as well. You can find rare alligator products and various local native crafts in the gift shop.

The Research Headquarters has been featured on the Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, and History Channel, and it showcases one of the largest snakes and alligators in the world. This is hands-down one of the most unique places to visit in Florida, especially if you love the bizarre and spooky!

Bioluminescent kayaking at night in Florida is a breathtaking experience and a must-add to your bucket list! For more information, give us a call at 321-735-9400 or visit us online.