3 Things to Know Before Your Sunset Kayaking Tour in Merritt Island, FL – Florida Adventurer

Merritt Kayaking

Located on the same strip of land as the SpaceX Crew Dragon Launch Site, the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge was created as a way to protect the habitat and creatures that call it home. The 140,000 acres include 31 mammal species, 300+ species of birds, 100+ species of fish, and 1,000+ species of plants.

So, to say that our sunset kayaking tour in Florida can be an experience of a lifetime for nature lovers, would not be an understatement. If you are thinking of taking a bioluminescent kayaking tour, here’s what you can expect:

Kayaking at Sunset

Most visitors like to drive down from Cocoa Beach and spend their morning stand-up paddleboarding in Haulover Canal. Our tour guides start setting up the kayaks in preparation for our sunset tour and make sure everyone is equipped with a lifejacket and all the necessary gear.

The bioluminescent kayaking Florida tour lasts about 2 hours, during which you’ll paddle to the Bird Island on the Indian River and then enjoy the sunset before kayaking back. Be ready to come across a number of creatures including dolphins, manatees, eagles, falcons, storks, and cranes to name a few.

This is the time when dolphins come out to play in the river and manatees munch on their last bite of seagrass before calling it a night.

Don’t forget to bring a change of clothes (as you WILL get wet), bug spray, a waterproof camera, and bottled water. You can bring out your favorite snacks to enjoy a picnic experience. You should also go to the bathroom before you leave for the launch site.

See Bioluminescence at Night

As the day turns dark, you’ll paddle into some of our favorite spots to see the stunning bioluminescent creatures. Depending on the season, you will see bioluminescent dinoflagellates (plankton) or bioluminescent comb jellies. If you are visiting during the mid-season, i.e., November – December or March – June, you might even see both!

If you’ve never been bioluminescent kayaking Florida, it’s hard to put it into words. As millions of tiny, glow-in-the-dark marine creatures swish around in the water, you may just think you’ve entered a different world.

Where to Eat

While Merritt Island doesn’t have a lot of dining options as yet, we recommend Hawksbill Bar & Grill for fresh seafood menu and a waterfront view, and Kelsey’s Pizzeria for authentic Italian delicacies. If you are looking for something different, you’ll have to drive to St. John or Cocoa Beach.

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