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We don’t call Florida the Sunshine State for nothing. You guys, it can be super hard not to gloat a little (a lot actually…) when you are spending a winter in Florida, surfing and bioluminescent kayaking while the less fortunate folks are shoveling snow off their driveways and dressed like Eskimos or locked in their homes because of tyrannical governors (who also visit Florida as well when they tell their residents they cannot do the same!).

But the inviting weather is just the tip of the sandbar – people from all across the nation flock to Florida year-round for a lot more than its warm, sunny weather, and clear blue waters. If you and your family are looking for a gloriously breathtaking experience in Florida this winter, start with this list.

Go Bioluminescent Kayaking with Manatees in Cocoa Beach or Haulover Canal

Manatees look like giants – at 9-10 feet long – but they are cute and gentle creatures who want to do nothing but play underwater and munch on water grasses. When temperatures plunge, these gentle giants head to warmer waters where the temp remains around 70 degrees throughout the year.

In Florida, the refuge Manatee Observation Deck at Haulover Canal or the Thousand Islands Conservation Area in Cocoa Beach are best places to swim, kayak, or snorkel with them.

At Florida Adventurer, we organize night kayaking and bioluminescence tour Florida at both these locations. You can come with us to kayak these stunning natural habitats at night – there is something truly magical about being on the water in a clear kayak while the moon is sparkling above you.

Surf with Surfing Santas at Cocoa Beach

While you are waiting to go bioluminescent kayaking in the evening, you can spend the morning catching waves with the Surfing Santas at Cocoa Beach. At 8 am on Christmas Eve every year, hundreds of surfers dressed up as Santa kickstart their holiday celebrations.

Celebrate a Night of Lights at St. Augustine

Did you know that St. Augustine is the oldest city in the US? About 2 hours away from Cocoa Beach, the historical city is well known for its Spanish colonial architecture as well as the annual festival – Night of Lights.

This year, it is estimated that over 3 million tiny white lights will be used to illuminate the entire city, paying homage to the ancient Spanish tradition of displaying a white candle in the window. These lights will be up from November 20th, 2021 to January 30th, 2022.

Start Your Florida Adventures With Us! Book Your Bioluminescent Kayaking Tour Today

We offer more than a bioluminescent kayaking Florida tour – we offer you a chance to connect with nature which is why we take only 10-15 people per tour. There is nothing magical about packing as many people in as possible like most other night kayaking companies do.

If you are ready to get close and personal with the most unique natural attraction in Florida, book our bioluminescence tour here.